Where can I sit examinations?

You can sit an examination at any CAA Part-147 accredited centre.

Who can sit a Part-66 examination?

Anyone can sit a Part-66 examination, by applying in the normal way.

What can I take into the examination?

Details are given in the examination briefing document on the examinations page.

If I pass a Part-66 module will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you receive an individual certificate for each module you pass.

Do Part-66 examination certificates expire?

Yes, modular examinations must have been passed within 10 years preceding the application for the Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

Which modules should I study?

This will depend on the licence you are trying to obtain. Most licences include the first ten modules. More information can be found on the IR Part-66 page.

How much experience do I need in order to get my licence?

This will depend on the licence you are trying to obtain. It can be as little as 1 year for an ‘A’ Licence, but can be as much as 5 years for a ‘B’ Licence. More information on experience requirements can be found on the IR Part-66 page or at www.caa.co.uk

In what depth should I study each chapter?

The knowledge level required depends on the licence you are studying towards and varies form chapter to chapter. This is given in the syllabus. The syllabus and knowledge levels are available on the E-learning modules page dedicated to that module..

I am currently serving in the armed forces, will my aircraft experience count towards the licence?

If you have been working on first or second line aircraft for more than 7 years then you may be able count this as up to 4 years of the 5 year requirement for the B Licence. This is at the discretion of the CAA and, as such, only they can make the decision to accept your previous experience, so it is best to check with them.

How do I record my experience?

Your experience should be recorded using the CAP 741: Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Log Book, information about the logbook is available on the CAA website.

I live and work outside the UK, will my experience count towards an CAA IR Part-66 Licence?

Your experience could count, provided that the documented experience is carried out on aircraft that are on the CAA register.

I already have some qualifications in subjects related to the modules I will be studying, can I gain any modules through accredited prior learning?

It is unlikely, there are very few exemptions from Part-66 modules. Some degree level qualifications can provide limited exemptions, the best thing to do is check with the CAA.

I already hold a licence in another country, will I be able to convert it to a UK licence?

Many countries have a licensing system that is at ICAO level 2, the CAA licence is at ICAO level 3. An engineer holding a licence at ICAO level 2 would have to start from scratch in order to achieve an CAA IR Part-66 Licence.